Chris Perkins


    Christopher Perkins has been involved in music since the young age of ten. He is early influences include Grand Master Flash, Sugar Hill Gang, and Run DMC. Through the influence of these groups he began rapping from his own life experiences. Being raised by his grandparents instilled the respect for life as a whole. They taught him to turn negative experiences into positive through rapping. The death of his grandmother awakened his sense of mortality. His first album," A Shot In The Dark" Produced by Michael Ortega and Chris Perkins, encompasses that sense in a positive way with songs like “Thanx,  Much Love,  On & On, and Gotta Let It Off"

 There are songs that exhibit his sense of social awareness like, "Don't Push Me, 4 Da Taker and The Plot." With a lighter touch on party songs like "Can't Let Go, Fridays, BFO, Bustas and All In The Bag." Not to mention songs about love which include"Wait Until Tonight and Mr. Whoopie."

 Vitamin C shares the mic with guest artists Ben B. Hard, M&M, T-Dubb, Sizznary, Yolanda Stevens, Chris Arevalo, and Ed Williams.